Dear man who has thoughts on the internet

Dear man who has thoughts on the internet today,

Regretfully, I became lost when trying to follow the logic from a satirical piece of art meant to comment on the importance of not judging others (women!) with a judgment about the leaders of Student Government and people who support medical procedures. You were correct in calling these a right, like perhaps that to join the military or own guns–two of which take more lives each year than abortion. In fact, abortion saves lives.

But that’s not the only reason it should be legal. It is health care, after all. And it’s safe, more so than giving birth, says this study.

I understand that you’re fresh off the “I’m saving babies. Deus vult!” Jesus high and I urge you to consider the real people–often girls and women–who are harmed when unable to access abortions, like this 14 year-old (content warning: sexual assault) who was denied a choice and died, though, as I’m sure you’re glad to hear, her baby lived. Or Savita Halappanavar, whose unjust death after being denied an abortion catalyzed the legalization of the medical practice in Ireland. These examples from countries where Catholicism is or was allowed to dominate laws demonstrate what happens when fetal “lives” are prioritized over all others: women die. Anti-abortion zeal kills. 

Abortion should be as plentiful as necessary as determined by people who seek them and their doctors. Consider it like colonoscopies and mind your business about other people’s. 

Additionally, your critiques of Student Government seem unfounded, perhaps like you’re just looking for something to be angry with. It was specified that the Women’s March is sponsored by College Democrats. An email was also sent from Student Government regarding the March for Life, which was specified to be sponsored by ND Right to Life. Your characterization of this as malicious is disingenuous.

 If you’re gonna be sassy about “members of student government,” say who you mean with your whole chest or don’t say it at all, keyboard warrior. Although, please consider what dog whistles and sensational language you may be using, as other editorials have resulted in death threats (among others) for certain members. We are lucky to have student leaders who are dedicated to the support and rights of sexual assault survivors, the South Bend community, accessible healthcare, queer and transgender people, and humanity in general. It is a shame that they are so often dragged into situations typically unrelated to their capacities or power as students. Student Government can’t end abortion for you, and tragically, requiring all candidates to affirm anti-abortion positions seems just slightly too fascist for ND’s democratic process. 

Are you threatened by people who advocate for the rights of women and women who speak up and fight? Is that why you’ve included us, a nonprofit organization not affiliated with your University, in your list of enemies of the church?

Perhaps a more appropriate example is SNL’s spoof of the Twilight Zone episode featuring Pam Anderson, where no one is disillusioned that our patient Pam is still smoking hot. Only nurse Molly Shannon pushes that judgment depends on perception. But as we see, it’s a universal truth that Pam Anderson is a babe. And it’s a universal truth that abortion access is a good thing.

With all due respect,


PS: If you’re a supporter of our mission, please donate to help us in our fight to bring reproductive justice to the ND and South Bend communities here.

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