LGBTQ+ Next Generation Summit

The South Bend community has come together to produce The LGBTQ+ Next Generation Summit focusing on mental health, queer sexual education, and to support future leaders. As Irish 4 Reproductive Health promotes Sexual health this one day conference offers a unique opportunity to network and connect with fellow peers as well as some South Bend/Mishawaka organizations. Along with the discussions there will be an amazing guest speaker who will discuss their decision and struggle without coming out as lesbian. She not only discusses her struggle but how she decided it was time to be her true self.
On top of all that the conference is free and all who are between the ages of 14-25years old are welcome to attend. In addition to the discussions some guest speakers will be speaking about pertinent issues on health, both physical and mental, and advocacy. We highly recommend attending!
You can apply for the conference by filling out the form at:

There is also a facebook event page!

If you went to the conference and would like to share your stories or what you felt was the most valuable to you please leave us a comment below!