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Irish 4 Reproductive Health members discuss lawsuit against University
Court rules Irish 4 Reproductive Health’s lawsuit against University, Trump administration can proceed
Author discusses stigmatization, narratives of ‘ordinary abortion’


Meet Two of the Women Fighting Against Their University for Reproductive Rights

Natalie Pattillo at Pacific Standard

Irish 4 Reproductive Health, a student activist group, filed suit against the Trump administration and Notre Dame over the school’s refusal to offer birth control coverage to students and faculty

Notre Dame Struck a Secret Deal With the Trump Administration to Deny Birth Control Coverage. Now Students Are Fighting Back.

Jordan Smith at The Intercept

The Trump administration bypassed the judicial system to negotiate a backroom settlement with 74 religiously affiliated institutions, including Notre Dame.

Notre Dame group looking for clarity on birth control coverage

Jennifer Weingart at WVPE Public Radio


Viewpoint: Zoning decision was the right decision for South Bend community

Opinion piece in the South Bend Tribune, written by I4RH members

Jan. 2019 – Update on the nationwide fight for ACA-protected birth control
Jan. 2019 – Group provides free condom delivery service