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Press release regarding Leggings Pride Day

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Author discusses stigmatization, narratives of ‘ordinary abortion’

Claire Rafford at The Observer

” I just was so struck by this idea that, why is the fact that abortion is common not common knowledge?” – Professor Katie Watson, author of “Scarlet A: The Ethics, Law and Politics of Ordinary Abortion”.

Meet Two of the Women Fighting Against Their University for Reproductive Rights

Irish 4 Reproductive Health, a student activist group, filed suit against the Trump administration and Notre Dame over the school’s refusal to offer birth control coverage to students and faculty

Notre Dame Struck a Secret Deal With the Trump Administration to Deny Birth Control Coverage. Now Students Are Fighting Back.

Jordan Smith at The Intercept

The Trump administration bypassed the judicial system to negotiate a backroom settlement with 74 religiously affiliated institutions, including Notre Dame.

Notre Dame group looking for clarity on birth control coverage

Jennifer Weingart at WVPE Public Radio


Viewpoint: Zoning decision was the right decision for South Bend community

Opinion piece in the South Bend Tribune, written by I4RH members

Jan. 2019 – Update on the nationwide fight for ACA-protected birth control
Jan. 2019 – Group provides free condom delivery service